Find Out How Safe Krill Oil Really is And if it's the Best Source of Omega-3's.

This section of the site looks at the positives Krill Oil has over the other more, well known sources of Omega-3's. And if krill sourced oils have any negatives which may prevent you taking it. You may be surprised to know that with any Omega-3 fatty acid food item or supplement, there are 'DOs' and 'DONTs' because of potential side effects.

Getting the Right Dosage of Omega-3’s From Krill Oil?

Why are people choosing Krill Oil to get their daily dosage of Omega-3 Fatty Acids? Don’t fish oils provide more omega-3’s because the capsules are bigger?

Dangers and Side Effects of Krill Oil

Krill oil, or any type of omega-3 could have some side effects when taken with certain foods, drinks and other health supplements. What you should watch out for is this.